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Globally Inspired Tasting Event

New York - February 17th at Traif

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Wow, what a way to kick off the year in NYC! As always, Chef Jason Marcus and his powerhouse crew put on an impeccable show for the 60 members (and their guests) who came out. The first courseinstantly brought smiles to attendees' faces, and those smiles turnedinto laughter wheneverChef Marcus...

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Izakaya Inspired Tasting Event

Washington DC - December 14th at Daikaya

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For ourlast event of 2021, we teamed up with veteran DCChef Katsuya Fukushima for an Izakaya Inspired Tasting at Chef Fukushima's acclaimed Chinatown eatery, Daikaya. Chef Fukushima put together a "one night only" menu for us comprised entirely of creations that aren't on his usual menu and, as...

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Laotian Roots Tasting Event

Charlotte - November 1st at Sosu

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We are officially BACK in Queen City, and oh, what a kick-off it was! Chef Rocky Jokbengboon and the entire team of Sosu came into this event with about almost as much excitement as our members, which is saying a lot considering that our members had a year and a half's worth of accumulated...

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Globally Inspired Tasting Event

Houston - October 4th at 93 'Til

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Well, there you have it folks... 567 days from when we paused operations on March 16th, 202, we stormed into Houston (as well as Philadelphia) for our FIRST EVENTS BACK!!! We had been eagerly awaiting for this day to come for a VERYLONGtime (as had so many of our members, based on the...

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Contemporary Indian Tasting Event

Houston - February 24th at Pondicheri

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It's safe to say that our very first Space City event was everything we had hoped it would be, and more! We weren't going into this collaboration blind, as we collaborated with Chef Anita Jaisinghani a year ago at her NYC outpost of Pondicheri, which has since closed (RIP!). Back at that first...

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