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Elevated Peruvian Tasting Event

New York - April 11th at Artesano

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With a CV positively glittering with Michelin Stars, Chef/OwnerRodrigo Fernandini didn't have to ask us twice when it came to a possible collabwith Artesano. We were honored to collaborate with a chef of his caliber - and, judging byall the post-event member feedback that flooded in, he lived up...

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Decadent Parisian Tasting Series

Boston - March 13th at Batifol

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With amassive snowstorm in the forecast,Day 1 of ourfirst-ever Boston event series almost didn't happen. But, mother nature understood the importance of the evening and the snow didn't start falling until the next morning. And, based on all the post-event feedback that's been pouring in, it's a ...

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Edo-Inspired Omakase Tasting Series

New York - January 25th at Sushi Dojo

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We'vealways heard fantastic things about this sushimecca — and with accolades likeEater's "34 Standout Sushi Spots",Thrillist's"Best NYC Sushi", andBloomberg's"13 Top Omakase Meals in Manhattan", how could we not? But even with all the acclaim (and even after our sure-fire success with Lashevet,...

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Revisiting Slavic Roots Tasting Event

Portland - November 30th at Kachka

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In our internal brainstorming sessionsabout potential hosts forour first-ever Portland event, Kachka was always top of the listgiven the plethora of incredibleaccolades that have gone to both therestaurant (Eater "Best Restaurants in America"; GQ "25 Best Restaurantsin US"; James Beard "Best New...

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Memories Of Guadalajara Tasting Event

New York - November 7th at Cruz Del Sur

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This new restaurant just so happensto be located literally right down the street from our old office – back before COVID arrived stateside and having an office was a thing! Needless to say, we were hit with a tsunami of incredible memories uponarriving on-site. And, once the event kicked off, the...

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