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Modern Scandinavian Dinner Event

Chicago - July 23rd at Lost Larson

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Heading into our first-ever collaboration with Lost Larson, we weren't quite sure what to expect menu-wise given the fact that this place literally JUST expanded into dinner service after building a reputation as one of Chicago's best bakeries. That being said, we certainly had high hopes for the...

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Nouveau Comfort Dinner Series

New York - July 8th and 10th at High Street on Hudson

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Expectations were sky-high for our first collaboration withHigh Street on Hudson, giventhe runaway success of our event series last year at the restaurant's big sister, High Street on Market, in Philly. To be frank, things got off to a bit of a bumpy start, as we were informed shortly before the...

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Old World Inspired Dinner Event

Denver - June 24th at The Plimoth

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Our first dinner Denver event is officially a wrap, and oh, what an event it was! From the food quality, to the service, to Chef/Owner Pete Ryan's storytelling/charisma, this one truly hit the nail on the head on all fronts according to attendees in their post-event surveys. Chef Pete's...

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Nouveau Indian Dinner Series

Chicago - May 22nd at Grand Trunk Road

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It had been ages since our last Indian-focused event in Chicago (shoutout to Mango Pickle!), and it's been almost 9 months since we last recapped a CHI event series (shoutout to Income Tax!). So, we figured a recap of our event series at Grand Trunk Road was in order. Expectations among members...

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Contemporary Taiwanese Dinner Series

Washington, DC - March 27th at Maketto

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We were particularly excited for this event series, as it's not every day we get to collaborate with a chef that has THIS impressive of a resume. Maketto's Executive Chef/Owner Erik Bruner-Yang is without a doubt regarded as one of DC's brightest culinary stars, having earned numerous James Beard...

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