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Basque Cidery-Inspired Dinner Event

New York - November 28th at Brooklyn Cider House

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We don't like to pick favorites, but Brooklyn Cider House was hands down the coolest venue we've ever hosted an event in! Why, you ask? Therestaurant also doubles as a fully operational cider production facility, and there are MASSIVE cider-filled barrels directly adjacent to the dining room....

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Regional American Dinner Series

Philadelphia - October 22nd and 23rd at Cadence

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Our 2nd Philly event series is officially a wrap, and Cadence most definitely did not disappoint! It was a truly a pleasure to see the chef/owner trio of Jon Nodler, Samantha Kincaid, and Michael Fry divide and conquer our collaboration over the course of two days and 120+ attendees! It's no...

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Modern French Dinner Series

Philadelphia - October 8th and 9th at Will BYOB

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Our first Philly event series is officially a wrap, and ohhhh,what a kick off it was! Executive Chef/Owner Christopher Kearse blew the over 100 attendees away over two days and four seatings with course after course of arguably the most photogenic food we have EVER seen (you can be the judge of...

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Ode To Seoul Dinner Event

New York - September 25th at Insa

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Our first-ever event collaboration with Insa and the restaurant's acclaimed Chef/Owner Sohui Kim is in the books and attendee ratings are in! Judging by attendee post-event ratings from this one, it's safe to say that Chef Kim totally brought the house down, as feedback was across-the-board...

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Pan-European Inspired Dinner Series

Chicago - September 11th & 12th at Income Tax

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Our first-ever event series at Income Tax with their newly appointed executive chef, Ellison Park, is officiallya wrap and attendee ratings are in! The post-eventfeedback from this one was all over the place. Some attendees were completely blown away (in a good way); others foundseveral of the...

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