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10-Course Southern Meets Italian Series

October 16th & 17th at Popina

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Over 70 memberstrekked out to the border of Carrol Gardens and Red Hook over the course of 2 days for this event series, which was not asmall feat for a Monday and Tuesday night. So, we were feeling extra pressure to deliver an incredible experience this time. Things got off to an unfortunate...

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9-Course Oktoberfest Brunch Feast

October 7th at Freud

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A lot of members have been requesting more brunch events. So, when Chef Eduard Frauneder reached out about doing something for Oktoberfest at his newest restaurant, we suggested that we make it a brunch event. Many of ourrestaurants greatly prefer hosting dinner events over brunch events, which...

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9-Course Nouveau Hawaiian Feast

September 26th at Noreetuh

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This event was another return trip to one of our very first restaurant partners; Noreetuh. It had been ages since our list dinner event with Chef Chung Chung Chow, and he had some new dishes he'd been testing out that he was eager to get our feedback on. Obviously, we were more than happy to...

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Taco-Palooza Fiesta Series

September 18th & 19th at XIXA

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The format of this event series was completely new to us, and we knew it wouldn't be perfect. But, we decided that it was worth taking a risk and experiment with anew event conceptbecause uncovering new ways to experience amazing restaurants is such an essential part of our mission. And there's...

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10-Course Singaporean Hawker Feast

September 11th at Chomp Chomp

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Our last trip to Chomp Chomp was almost 2 years ago - back when Tasting Collective was just a fun hobby for us! We figured it was time for another event, as we had completely forgotten what Singaporean Hawker Food is all about. Well, we're pleased to report that Chef Simpson Wong and the whole...

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