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8-Course Izakaya Inspired Dinner Series

April 8th, 9th & 10th at Oka

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Our first collaboration with Oka turned intoa big milestone for the TC community, as we hit a record number of attendees over the course of 3 days (almost 200 tix sold!). And, the lastday of the serieswas our first-ever2-seating weeknight event, which has incredibly exciting implications for the...

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8-Course Contemporary Indian Dinner Series

March 29th & April 5th at Mango Pickle

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We were lucky enough to get our first event series in the books with Chef Marisa Paolillo and the team at Mango Pickle literally right before Chicago Mag'sbest new restaurantsissue hit the stores and their reservation book got filled to the brim.120+ members (and their guests) journeyed to...

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8-Course Modern French Dinner Series

March 25th & 27th at Le Garage

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This was a collaboration full of firsts for us. Shockingly, it was our first event series at aFrench restaurant. And, it was our first trip to Bushwick. To put it simply, Chef Catherine Allswang showed us what we've been missing out on! Her 30+ years of professionalexperience cooking French...

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9-Course Alsace Inspired Dinner Series

March 18th at Boeufhaus

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Our first visit to Boeufhaus was pretty epic, with 120+ members (and their guests) in attendance over the course of two seatings! To be honest, we were a bit nervous, as this was our first two-seating eventin Chicago. Thankfully,Chef Brian Ahern and his team were more than up for the challenge....

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8-Course Modern Basque Dinner Series

March 4th & 5th at Salero

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Our first collaboration with Salero is officially a wrap, and it's safe to say that we will be coming back! We were pretty excited about this one, as Chef Ashlee Aubin has an incredibly impressive resumeand, clearly, that excitement was shared among the Chicago TC membership base; 130 members and...

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