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8-Course Authentic Piemontese Dinner Series

July 9th & 11th at Osteria Langhe

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Our first-ever event series at Osteria Langhe with Executive Chef/Co-Owner Cameron Grant was a blast! We’re still dreaming about that Plin, and particularly enjoyed listening to Chef Grant share his story about where/how he learned to make it (hint hint… It required eating A LOT of pasta!)....

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8-Course Big Easy Nostalgia Dinner Series

July 29th at Alba Ray's

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This 2-seating dinner series got off to a bit of a stressful start when we found out that several of the restaurant's servers no-showed (yikes!). This resulted in a delayed start to the first seating, which was definitely not ideal. But, once Chef Adam Rosenblum gotsettled into the kitchen and...

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7 Questions: Chef Zoë Schor

Executive Chef/Owner of Split Rail in Chicago

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We're back with another edition of 7 Questions, where we ask some of our favorite chef partners the Tasting Collective 7 Question survey full of fun foodie facts. This time we're chatting with Chef ZoëSchor of Split Rail in Chicago. Split Rail was one of the first Chicago restaurants to get...

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7 Questions: Chef Jason Marcus

Executive Chef/Owner of Traif & XIXA in NYC

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Welcome to the first-ever edition of 7 Questions, where we will be asking a bunch of our favorite chef partners the same seven questions! First up, we have one of our all-time favorite chefs, and frequent TC event host, Jason Marcus. Chef Marcus was a pioneer of the Brooklynrestaurant scene, who...

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8-Course Revisiting Roots Dinner Series

June 18th & 19th at The Duck Inn

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This was our first-ever event series at The Duck Inn and our first trip to Bridgeport. We couldn't have imagined a better personto welcome us to the neighborhood than Chef Kevin Hickey, whose familial history in Bridgeport goes back 5 generations! Chef Hickey put together an incredibly...

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