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Avant-American Tasting Event

Dallas - September 20th at Rye

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We've launched in a lot of cities in our TC history, rubbing elbows (and clinking glasses!)with some pretty towering culinary giants. But with Rye named to Thrillist’s “Absolute Best Spots" List, Dallas Magazine’s “Top 50 Best Restaurants” ('23), and Eater’s “38 Essentials” List ('23), we knew we...

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Italian Meets Japanese Tasting Event

Washington DC - July 25th at Tonari

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Japanese and Italian are two cuisines that you don't often see melded together onto one menu, and we'd be lying if we said we weren't the slightest bit nervous about the mashup with this event. But, given all the glowing praise Tonari has earned from the likes of Washington Post (ft. on Tom...

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Jewish Meets Sichuan Tasting Series

Atlanta - June 14th at Little Bear

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With coveted spots on pretty much every Best Of List Atlanta's food experts have come up with,Little Bear was a no-brainer for us when we were thinking up spots for our Atlanta launch.We were pumped to see Chef/Owner Jarret Stieber agreed- and, judging byall the post-event member feedback that's...

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Elevated Peruvian Tasting Event

New York - April 11th at Artesano

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With a CV positively glittering with Michelin Stars, Chef/OwnerRodrigo Fernandini didn't have to ask us twice when it came to a possible collabwith Artesano. We were honored to collaborate with a chef of his caliber - and, judging byall the post-event member feedback that flooded in, he lived up...

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Decadent Parisian Tasting Series

Boston - March 13th at Batifol

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With amassive snowstorm in the forecast,Day 1 of ourfirst-ever Boston event series almost didn't happen. But, mother nature understood the importance of the evening and the snow didn't start falling until the next morning. And, based on all the post-event feedback that's been pouring in, it's a ...

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