Avant-American Tasting Series

Philadelphia - November 6th at Alice

Philly's one of our oldest TC Chapters, so we've had the honor of being present for plenty of astonishing culinary debuts in our time. If Day 1 of our series at Alice is anything to judge by, we've just had that honor again! Chef/Owner Dave Conn has spent the last decade opening restaurants for James Beard Award-Winning Chef Jose Garces - and, after seeing the awe-striking array of dishes he brought out for attendees, and hearing his utterly enchanting stories, it's easy to see why. Alice may have opened just a few months ago in June, but we're absolutely confident Chef Conn and his powerhouse of a team will be around for many a year to come. See what all the buzz is about for yourself though, with a ranking of the top three courses (as determined by the STELLAR post-event feedback left by guests on their feedback cards) below:


1st Place: Coal Roasted Octopus with Jimmy Nardello chile peppers and preserved lemon

2nd Place: Poulet Rouge with coal oven heritage chicken, burgundy truffle jus, and hakurei turnips

3rd Place: Chocolate Pot de Crème with Valrhona chocolate custard, bergamot meringue, and cajeta



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