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Québécois In The Midwest Tasting Event

Chicago - September 6th at Dear Margaret

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While this was our first event with Dear Margaret, it was actually our third time collaborating with Executive Chef Ryan Brosseau; we previously teamed up with him with pre-pandemic when he was running the kitchen at Table, Donkey &Stick, andLe Sud. So, after digging into the glowing member...

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Globally Inspired Tasting Event

Houston - July 10th at Mastrantos

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For this event, we returned to the very last restaurant we teamed up with before the pandemic arrived way back when: Mastrantos! We're not gonna lie, it was a very surreal feeling to be back there, as it brought back tons of memories about all of the craziness that ensued literally the day after...

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Creative Catalan Tasting Event

Las Vegas - June 15th at Valencian Gold

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This was our FIRST-EVER Vegas event and, to put it simply, we couldn't have dreamt up a better kickoff! We're not gonna lie, we were a tad nervous heading into the evening, asChef/Owner Jeff Weiss decided to create a menu for the event comprised entirely of brand newoff-menu creations; usually,...

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Coastal Spanish Tasting Event

Chicago - April 28th at MFK

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It had been over two years since our last Tasting Event in Chicago (crazy right?), so it's safe to say there was a lot of pent-up excitement about this event! And, accompanying this excitement were sky-high expectations among the 40+ members (and their guests)who turned out to fill up mfk. for...

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Elevated Peruvian Tasting Event

New York - March 28th at Contento

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Given all of the incredible acclaim Contento has garnered both locally (NY Times "Best New Restaurants of 2021" List) and nationally (Esquire "Best New Restaurants in America 2021" List), it's safe to say member expectations were through the rooffor this event. Based on the post-event feedback...

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