Cosmic Texan Tasting Event

New York - February 27th at Yellow Rose

Chef/Owner Dave Rizo and his team at Yellow Rose had big shoes to fill at this event, as Chef Jason Marcus and his crew at Traif are by no means an easy act to follow! But, it's safe to say Chef Rizo rose to the occasion, as attendee feedback from this two-seating event was glorious to read! 60+ members and their guests journeyed to Union Square to fill up this hotspot for back-to-back seatings. Chef Rizo provided tons of interesting commentary on the unique meal he created for us  (comprised entirely of off-menu dishes) that melded together his Italian and Mexican ancestry. After reviewing attendees' feedback cards, there really were no full-on "misses" on the menu. But, there were definitely a few clear winners...  Below are the top three courses, as rated by attendees on their feedback cards:


1st Place: Roasted Carrots in Mole - with spanish rice, tahini herb salad, and benne seeds

2nd Place: Chicory Salad - with fried pasilla vinaigrette, ruby red grapefruit, pecan brittle, bread crumbs, and cotija cheese

3rd Place:  Sopapillas - with texas wildflower honey, texas olive oil, chocolate mousse, and mesquite sugar


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