Globally Inspired Tasting Event

Houston - October 4th at 93 'Til

Well, there you have it folks... 567 days from when we paused operations on March 16th, 202, we stormed into Houston (as well as Philadelphia) for our FIRST EVENTS BACK!!! We had been eagerly awaiting for this day to come for a VERY LONG time (as had so many of our members, based on the conversations we had with attendees), so it's safe to say there was a lot riding on this event. But, the team at 93 'Til hit it out of the park, as attendee feedback has been incredible. The restaurant's superstar kitchen duo of Lung Ly (Chef/Owner) and Jeff Potts (Executive Chef) served up an individually-plated 5-course meal that was both delicious and visually stunning. And, of course, both chefs came out throughout the evening to share stories and introduce each course. While every course received fantastic marks, below are the top three courses, as rated by attendees on their feedback cards:


1st Place: Scallop Crudo - with strawberry salsa and pine nuts

2nd Place: Olive Oil Cake - with figs and goat cheese frosting

3rd Place: Chicken Roulade - with mushrooms and gremolata


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