Ode To Seoul Dinner Event

New York - September 25th at Insa

Our first-ever event collaboration with Insa and the restaurant's acclaimed Chef/Owner Sohui Kim is in the books and attendee ratings are in! Judging by attendee post-event ratings from this one, it's safe to say that Chef Kim totally brought the house down, as feedback was across-the-board GLOWING! As Chef Kim explained to attendees during her intro, she crafted a menu full of new interpretations on classic Korean dishes that they don't normally do, but she felt like we'd enjoy the avant-garde menu given that we're "super foodies". She was right! Check out the top 3 courses below, as rated by attendees:


1st Place: Tteokbokki - spicy rice cakes with egg

2nd Place: Mungbean Pancakes - with silken tofu, flying fish roe, and chili

3rd Place: Bossam - slow cooked pork belly with cabbage wraps, salted shrimp, and spicy pickled radish


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