Nouveau Korean Dinner Series

New York - July 22nd, 23rd & 24th at Jeju Noodle Bar

We got a bit behind on our recap of this one but didn't want to let it slip through the cracks given that it was our most attended event series EVER; over 200 members + their guests turned out over the course of this three day (and 5 seating) dinner series! Based on attendee feedback cards, Chef Douglas Kim, and his insanely impressive resume, did not disappoint as feedback was across the board extremely positive. The only less than stellar feedback came from those attendees who were expecting more traditional Korean cuisine, as Chef Kim's cooking most certainly does not fall into that bucket. Below are the Top 3 Attendee-rated Courses averaged out across all 3 days:


1st Place: Soy Milk Ramyun - with shaved cauliflower, salted cucumber, and shaved summer truffle

2nd Place: Toro Ssam Bap - with fatty tuna with scrambled egg, tobiko rice, and toasted seaweed

3rd Place: Roasted Corn - with shichimi, grana padano, and maple soy butter


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