Oktoberfest Brunch Series

New York - October 7th at Freud

A lot of members have been requesting more brunch events. So, when Chef Eduard Frauneder reached out about doing something for Oktoberfest at his newest restaurant, we suggested that we make it a brunch event. Many of our restaurants greatly prefer hosting dinner events over brunch events, which is why we haven't been hosting as many brunch events lately. Luckily, this wasn't the case with Chef Frauneder, as he was totally psyched about the brunch concept! He created a menu for us that mixed together some of his favorite Austrian classics (spätzle, schnitzel, strudel, kaiserschmarren), with dishes he thought would be more appealing to the "New York palate" (kale salad, avocado toast). Based on attendee feedback, however, the New York palate is changing, as attendees pretty much rated the Austrian courses highest across the board! Below are the top 3 courses of the feast as rated by attendees on their feedback cards: 

1st Place: Apple Strudel - with vanilla cream 

2nd Place: Spätzle - with green peas, taleggio, gruyere, parmesan, and crispy onions

3rd Place: Kaiserschmarren - with caramelized pancake bits and blueberry compote


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