Modern Chinese Dinner Event

New York - February 28th at Fung Tu

What did we think of Fung Tu, you ask? Well, before we get to the food, it should be recognized that Chef Jonathan Wu deserves a TV show ASAP! This man is a walking encyclopedia of culinary knowledge, and he graciously shared incredibly interesting stories with us all night night. We found it particularly interesting to hear his take on the trends taking place in the NYC restaurant scene. Also, did you know that there are still noodle factories that operate in Chinatown? We didn’t either… With respect to the food, if you’re looking for traditional Chinese, this was definitely not the place for that. If you appreciate creativity and inventiveness in food, then this place is a must! Below are the top 3 courses of the event as rated by attendees on their tasting notes: 

1st Place: Filet Mignon - with soy butter, aligot, gai lan, and taro puree 

2nd Place: Mushroom Chow Fun - with oyster mushrooms and soy bean sprouts 

3rd Place: Chocolate Babka - with salted yolk and red bean paste


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