Japanese/Jewish Fusion Dinner Event

New York - February 8th at Shalom Japan

Our second visit to Shalom Japan was a pleasant reminder of just how unique this place is. It had been over a year since our first event at the restaurant, and we had totally forgotten what Jewish/Japanese food tastes like. While we did find several of the courses to be a bit too confusing for our tastebuds to handle, we absolutely loved many of them. And, we definitely appreciated the inventiveness of every course. Looking at the ratings on attendees’ tasting notes cards, it’s safe to say that everyones preferences were all over the map for this one! Below are the top 3 courses of the feast as rated by attendees on their tasting notes: 

1st Place: Winter Jew Egg - with beet and chickpea falafel, hummus, labneh, roasted beets, pickled red onion, and dill 

2nd Place: Okonomiyaki - with pastrami, sauerkraut, and bonito 

3rd Place: Toro Toasts - with scallion cream cheese and everything spice


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