Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Perks Concierge?
Our perks concierge is where we curate exclusive privileges and amenities for our members from acclaimed partner restaurants and award-winning food-related brands. Our member perks are available to members anytime they want to take advantage of them.
How do I redeem my perks?
Simply show your digital membership card whenever you dine out at any of our partner restaurants to receive complimentary amenities such as chef’s choice appetizers, desserts, or cocktails. For non-restaurant perks, follow the redemption instructions listed on each perk page.
Are member perks always available or one-time use?
We always aim to provide our members with perks that they can take advantage of again and again, rather than one-time use credits or discounts.
Can members redeem member perks in multiple cities?
Yes! Members can access member perks in all cities in which we’re active (currently Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington DC).
How do you choose member perk partners?
We partner with restaurants and food-related brands that we think our members will love - a mix of well known established brands and new innovative brands you probably haven’t heard of. We also count on our members for feedback and suggestions.
Can perks from partner restaurants be redeemed at TC events?
No. If we have an event at a restaurant that is also offering a member perk, you cannot redeem that perk at the event. You can take advantage of member perks from partner restaurants whenever you go to the restaurant on your own (outside of our events!).
Do perk partnerships change?
We always aim to make our member perks available in an ongoing capacity, but occasionally we may end or restructure relationships with perk partners. Sometimes changes are based on member feedback, and sometimes they’re due to a partner’s inability maintain a relationship that meets our standards.