Alsace Inspired Dinner Series

Chicago - March 18th at Boeufhaus

Our first visit to Boeufhaus was pretty epic, with 120+ members (and their guests) in attendance over the course of two seatings! To be honest, we were a bit nervous, as this was our first two-seating event in Chicago. Thankfully, Chef Brian Ahern and his team were more than up for the challenge. To put it simply, they killed it! Surprisingly, the course that Chef Ahern told us during the Q&A is their most popular - Short Rib Beignets - DID NOT make the top 3 according to our members. Below are the top 3 courses of this event series as rated by attendees on their feedback cards: 

1st Place: Fried Perch - with sauerkraut, creme fraiche, and herbs

2nd Place: New York Strip Steak - with boeuf fat fries and roasted mushrooms

3rd Place: Hudson Canyon Scallop - with sweet potato bacalao, rapini, and currant relish


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