Big Easy Nostalgia Dinner Series

San Francisco - July 29th at Alba Ray's

This 2-seating dinner series got off to a bit of a stressful start when we found out that several of the restaurant's servers no-showed (yikes!). This resulted in a delayed start to the first seating, which was definitely not ideal. But, once Chef Adam Rosenblum got settled into the kitchen and the food started coming out, he more than made up for the slow start as attendee feedback on the food was across the board STELLAR. Below are the 3 Top-Rated Courses combined from both seatings as rated by attendees on their feedback cards: 


1st Place: Grilled Rabbit Sausage - with creamy grits, rabbit jus, crispy parsley, and pickled mustard seed

2nd Place: Beignets & Buttermilk Pie - with salted caramel, whipped cream, and peaches

3rd Place: Mixed Smoked Pork - with stone fruit and spaetzle


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