East Meets West Dinner Series

New York - April 4th & 5th at Tuome

This event series was unique for us in many ways… For starters, it was our first-ever two day takeover, where we completely filled up the restaurant on both Tuesday and Wednesday! This is something we’re extremely excited about, and you can definitely expect more multiple day restaurant takeovers moving forward. The other new-ish aspect of this feast was that the courses were served tasting menu format, where courses were presented individually plated (except for the pig out, which was served family-style). Typically, courses are served family-style at our events, and while there are undoubtedly many perks to family-style dining (promotes social interaction, more manageable for the chefs, and generally more “feast-y”), we thorough thoroughly enjoyed the tasting menu presentation. It was a great learning experience for us, and there were a few hiccups on the first day with food coming out of the kitchen later than expected. But, after looking through the feedback from attendees, it’s safe to sat that our first trip to Tuome was major success, and the food was INCREDIBLE. Below are the top 3 courses of the event as rated by attendees on their feedback cards: 

1st Place: Lamb - with black pepper sauce and shishito 

2nd Place: Snow Crab - with noodle, squash, and dashi butter 

3rd Place: Deviled Egg - crispy fried with chili  


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