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$65  + Tax/Tip
Wed, 6/21
7:00 PM
Spring Branch

The Blind Goat

5-Course Modern Viet-Texan Tasting Event

Opened in 2019 in Bravery Chef Hall and, as of this past February, relocated to its spanking new quarters in Spring Branch, this superb Vietnamese eatery captures the full artistry of Founding Chef Christine Ha, best known for being the blind winner of “MasterChef” with Gordon Ramsay in 2012 and a perennial nominee for James Beard's Award "Best Chef" and "Outstanding Chef". The American-born daughter of Vietnamese refugees, Chef Ha began The Blind Goat as a 400-square-foot station inside a food hall. That didn’t stop the James Beard Foundation however from naming it a Semi-Finalist for "Best New Restaurant in America"! Diners delight in Chef Ma’s creations, like puffed rice noodles with tofu, bang bang shrimp, coconut mussels, Texas BBQ brisket fried rice, and so much more. And let’s not forget her epic “MasterChef” dessert: rubbish apple pie, with Vietnamese spices like star anise, lemongrass, and ginger - and a scoop of Cosmic Ice Cream’s vanilla bean ice cream drizzled with fish sauce caramel, to top it all off. Need we say more?

About the Host:

Christine Ha


Born and raised in Houston after her family left Vietnam, Chef Christine Ha taught herself to cook her native cuisine by experimenting in her kitchen. A New York Times bestselling cookbook author, she is a “MasterChef” with Gordon Ramsay Winner, and a perennial James Beard “Best Chef” and “Outstanding Chef” Semi-Finalist.

The Lineup

Courses #1-#4 will be served family style. Course #5 will be served individually plated.

  1. Bánh Khọt

    lettuce-wrapped crispy cake with turmeric, coconut milk, shrimp, scallion oil, fish sauce

  2. The Great Green Papaya Salad

    sweet beef jerky, grape tomato, roasted peanuts, sesame, honey & shrimp paste vinaigrette

  3. Crawfish & Garlic Noodles

    butter, freshly grated parmesan, lemon zest

  4. Steak & Cải Làn

    grilled ribeye, chinese broccoli, pickled onion, spicy nam jim sauce, jasmine rice

  5. Chè Thái Sundae

    toasted coconut sorbet, lychee, longan, jackfruit, assorted jellies, roasted peanuts

The Blind Goat

8145 Long Point Rd

Houston, TX 77055

Event FAQs

Do I have to bring printed tickets to the event?
No tickets are needed.
What does the ticket price cover?
The ticket price covers the full cost of the meal.
Do guests need to be of a certain age to attend this event?
Yes. All attendees must be 21+ to gain entry.
Does this restaurant allow BYOB?
No. This restaurant is a non-BYO establishment. Outside alcohol will not be permitted at this event.
Can I bring guests/non-members to this event?
Yep! For this event, guest tickets are $85 + tax & tip, and you can bring up to 3 guests. Please note, guests are not allowed to attend unaccompanied by a member.
What is the event ticket cancellation/refund policy?
Tickets to our events are non-refundable. However, for emergency requests, we may allow members to transfer their tickets to friends, provided the guest ticket surcharge of $25 is paid when transferring a member ticket to a non-member. All ticket transfer requests (as well as the guest ticket surcharge) must be sent to us prior to the event. Any guests who have not paid the guest ticket surcharge will not be allowed entry.
What must I bring to the event?
Please make sure to bring a government-issued photo ID.
What dietary restrictions/food allergies can be accommodated at this event?
At this event, we will be able to accommodate most dietary restrictions and food allergies except for those with gluten, soy, vegetarian, shellfish, alliums or garlic restrictions. Please make sure to Update Your Dietary Restrictions within your Account Info before or after you purchase tickets, or email us at [email protected] after you purchase tickets to let us know what your allergies/restrictions are.
What parking information has the restaurant provided for this event?
According to the restaurant, parking is available through their private lot and/or garage.

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