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$50  + Tax/Tip
Mon, 3/2
7:15 PM
Logan Square

Superkhana International

6-Course Inventive Indian Dinner Event

This new-ish (July 2019) Indian restaurant on Logan Square is far from the same old thing. Traditional dishes like samosas and tikka masala, tasty as those may be, are not featured on this menu. Instead, Executive Chefs/Co-Owners Zeeshan Shah, a Chicago native from a large Indian family, and Yoshi Yamada, born and raised in New York City, take Indian cuisine in entirely new directions. Here, you will find innovations like butter chicken calzone, which is a savory pastry pocket stuffed with chicken in a spiced tomato sauce, as well as chili-cheese naan, palak pizza, and braised coconut kale. The Chicago Tribune salutes “dishes you can’t get anywhere else” and says that “Superkhana offers a look at Indian cuisine that Chicago has never experienced before.” We will be taking over the restaurant for this event, and Chefs Shah and Yamada will be on hand to answer your questions and discuss their personal journeys as innovators in the world of food.

About the Hosts:

Zeeshan Shah

Executive Chef & Co-Owner

A Chicago native and graduate of Kendall College, Che Shah spent his formative years learning to cook at the elbow of his late grandmother, and still uses many of the techniques he learned from her today. At the age of 18, he began working in Chicago restaurants, working his way into the kitchens at Hop Leaf, Custom House, The Bristol, and Old Town Social. Together with his friend/partner Yoshi Yamada he opened Superkhana International in July 2019.

Yoshi Yamada

Executive Chef & Co-Owner

Chef Yamada began his cooking career at what was to become Lula Café, a pioneer of the farm-to-table movement in Logan Square, before moving on to Chicago’s award-winning Blackbird Restaurant in 2003. After a stint in New York cooking at the famed Babbo and Co. Pane Restaurants, he was awarded a Fulbright grant to study the cultures and techniques of Indian cuisine. Together with his friend/co-chef Zeeshan Shah, he opened Superkhana International in July 2019.

The Lineup

All savory courses will be served family-style. Dessert will be portioned individually.

  1. Crab and Kohlrabi

    with little gem, tapioca far far, and panch poron

  2. Kabocha Squash

    with ginger, podi, and fried naan

  3. Idly

    steamed rice and lentil cakes with classic accompaniments

  4. Methi Chicken

    with escarole, frisee, and achaari dust

  5. Kashmiri Style Lamb

    with tteokbokki, dal makhani, and crisped shallots

  6. Gajar Halva

    with carrot cake, crème fraîche, and almond dukkah

Superkhana International

3059 W Diversey Ave

Chicago, IL 90947

Event FAQs

Do I have to bring printed tickets to the event?
No tickets are needed.
What must I bring to the event?
Please make sure to bring a government-issued photo ID.
Do guests need to be of a certain age to attend this event?
Yes. All attendees must be 21+ to gain entry.
What does the ticket price cover?
The ticket price covers the full cost of the meal.
Can I bring guests/non-members to this event?
Yep! For this event, guest tickets are $75 + tax & tip, and you can bring up to 3 guests. Please note, guests are not allowed to attend unaccompanied by a member.
What dietary restrictions/food allergies can be accommodated at this event?
At this event, the chef will be able to accommodate most dietary restrictions and food allergies. Please note that accommodations can only be made if you Update Your Dietary Restrictions or email us at suppor[email protected] no less than 72 hours before the event.

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