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$50  + Tax/Tip
Tue, 2/4
6:00 PM
Dupont Circle

Nazca Mochica

DAY 3: 6-Course Nouveau Peruvian Dinner Series

Located in the Dupont Circle area, Nazca Mochica is the place to discover Peruvian cuisine, if you haven’t already done so, or to dig deeper into the dishes you know and love. Here Executive Chef and Owner Walter Lopez, a native of Peru, turns out cultural standards like causitas (potato cakes with lime juice and various toppings), lomo saltado (a beef tenderloin stir fry), and, of course, ceviche, but you’ll also find innovative dishes like duck confit with sweet potato glaze and “Andean gnocchi.” Thrillist names Nazca Mochica to its list of “The Best Authentic Latin Restaurants in D.C.,” while the Hungry Lobbyist praises its “delicious food” and cites, as an added bonus, “its beautiful, colorful art.” We will be taking over the restaurant for this event, and Chef Lopez will be in and out of the kitchen to answer your questions and provide insights into a realm of food that has established itself in recent years as one of the world’s truly great cuisines.

About the Host:

Walter Lopez

Executive Chef &Co-Owner

Born in Peru, Chef Lopez began his professional career in the law. However, a third-generation of Peruvian cooks, he soon felt the call of the kitchen. Heeding that call he embarked on a culinary world tour to feed his growing passion for fine dining. Returning to Washington, Lopez opened Nazca Mochica in 2016 in collaboration with Houston Chef Roberto Castre.

The Lineup

All savory courses will be served family-style. Dessert will be portioned individually.

  1. Causitas

    whipped potatoes with aji amarillo, avocado, olives, and peppers

  2. Cebiche al Rocoto

    white fish in rocoto sauce with sweet potato and Peruvian corn

  3. Lomo Saltado

    beef tenderloin with red onions, tomatoes, french fries, and soy sauce

  4. Ajide Gallina

    pulled chicken with aji amarillo, cream, pecans, olives, and boiled egg

  5. Potato Gnocchi

    with huancaina sauce, carrots, peas, and french onions

  6. Suspiro Limeno

    traditional Peruvian dessert with vanilla, caramel, egg yolks, and lime zest

Nazca Mochica

1633 P St NW

Washington, DC 20036

Event FAQs

Do I have to bring printed tickets to the event?
No tickets are needed.
What can/can't I bring to the event?
Please bring your ID as well as cash if you plan on purchasing beverages.
Are there ID requirements or an age limit to attend?
Yes. ID is required and you must be 21+ to attend.
What is the event ticket cancellation/refund policy?
Tickets to our events are non-refundable. However, for first-time emergency requests, we may allow members to transfer their tickets to friends, provided the guest ticket surcharge of $25 is paid when transferring a member ticket to a non-member. All ticket transfer requests must be emailed to us prior to the event and the guest ticket surcharge of $25 must be paid prior to the event. Guests who have not paid the guest ticket surcharge will not be allowed entry.
What does the ticket price cover?
The ticket price covers the full cost of the meal.
Can I bring guests/non-members to this event?
Yep! For this event, guest tickets are $70 + tax & tip, and you can bring up to 3 guests. Please note, guests are not allowed to attend unaccompanied by a member.
What dietary restrictions/food allergies can be accommodated at this event?
The chef will be unable to accommodate vegetarians or attendees with dairy restrictions at this event. For other allergies or special diets, please note that accommodations can only be made if you Update Your Dietary Restrictions or email us at [email protected] no less than 72 hours before the event.

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