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$65  + Tax/Tip
Wed, 7/27
6:00 PM & 7:45 PM


5-Course Persian Roots Tasting Event

According to the New York Times, Persian cuisine is one of the world’s greatest, with a repertoire of dishes that is fragrant, diverse, and highly refined. Starting as a pop-up in 2015 and moving into a home of its own in the Mission District in 2020, Komaaj is a great place to discover this food. Executive Chef/Owner Hanif Sadr grew up in Tehran and spent summers on his grandparents’ farm in Northern Iran before earning his degree in materials science. In 2012, he came to the United States for a graduate program on renewable energy at San Jose State University. There, he was asked to become a cook despite no previous knowledge and relied on family recipes. At Komaaj, with its craft perfected, he is now turning out such dishes as Naz Khatoun dip (roasted eggplants, herbs, walnuts, and pomegranate juice), sumac and olive oil roasted salmon belly with yogurt sauce, and turmeric roasted chicken thigh stew with walnuts and herbs. We can’t wait to discover Komaaj, which The Infatuation has named to its list of “Best New Restaurants in San Francisco,” and learn more from Chef Sadr about the glories of this lesser-known cuisine.

About the Host:

Hanif Sadr

Executive Chef/Owner

Chef Hanif Sadr grew up in Tehran and spent summers on his grandparents’ farm in Northern Iran, where he developed a lifelong love of exploring nature. After earning a college degree in materials science in Iran, he went to work in his country’s large oil and gas fields. He came to the United States in 2012 for a graduate program on renewable energy at San Jose State University, when he was asked to become a cook despite no previous knowledge. His family’s longtime cook in Iran, Baaji Khanoom, became his tutor. He has become a fixture of the Bay Area food scene, from his wildly popular pop-ups to his farmers’ market appearances.

The Lineup

All courses will be individually plated.

  1. Panir Khiki

    aged goat cheese with nigella seeds, hemp seeds, dried nettles, smoked salt, whole wheat bread, and herbs

  2. Khiaar Dalaar

    persian cucumbers with radishes, clover sprouts, seaweed pearls, fava beans, and fermented herb paste dressing

  3. Naz Khatoun

    fire-roasted eggplant with walnuts, basil, mint, parsley, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, and pomegranate molasses

  4. Morghe Torsh

    turmeric chicken thighs with herbs, walnuts, garlic, onions, sour orange molasses stew, and saffron rice

  5. Komaaj

    rice flour, yogurt, and eggs patry with orange blossom honey and clotted cream


3359 26th St

San Francisco, CA 94110

Event FAQs

Do I have to bring printed tickets to the event?
No tickets are needed.
What does the ticket price cover?
The ticket price covers the full cost of the meal.
Do guests need to be of a certain age to attend this event?
Yes. All attendees must be 21+ to gain entry.
What must I bring to the event?
Please make sure to bring a government-issued photo ID.
Can I bring guests/non-members to this event?
Yep! For this event, guest tickets are $85 + tax & tip, and you can bring up to 3 guests. Please note, guests are not allowed to attend unaccompanied by a member.
What is the event ticket cancellation/refund policy?
Tickets to our events are non-refundable. However, for emergency requests, we may allow members to transfer their tickets to friends, provided the guest ticket surcharge of $25 is paid when transferring a member ticket to a non-member. All ticket transfer requests (as well as the guest ticket surcharge) must be sent to us prior to the event. Any guests who have not paid the guest ticket surcharge will not be allowed entry.
What dietary restrictions/food allergies can be accommodated at this event?
At this event we will be able to accommodate all dietary restrictions and food allergies. Just make sure to update your dietary restrictions within your Account Info before or after you purchase tickets, or email us at [email protected] after you purchase tickets to let us know what your allergies/restrictions are so we can give the chef a heads up.
What COVID safety precautions will be taken at this event?
At this event, we will be accommodating all requests for separate tables rather than communal seating. Additionally, all food will be served individually-plated rather than family-style. As per local guidelines, as well as the restaurant’s own policy, attendees will not be required to present proof of vaccination for entry.

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