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$70  + Tax/Tip
Wed, 10/26
7:30 PM
Inner Richmond

Cantina Los Mayas

5-Course Dreams Of The Yucatán Tasting Event

It’s time to discover a Mexican wine bar, the very first of its kind to open in the U.S. Take note as well that Cantina Los Mayas, which just opened this past July in the Inner Richmond, has already vaulted onto Eater's list of "Hottest Restaurants in SF" for this October, as well as their 2022 list of “Best Mexican Restaurants in SF”. Chef/Owner Juve Carrillo, who grew up in the small town of Dzan in the Yucatán peninsula, is the force behind the enormously popular Taqueria Los Mayas. Here, at Cantina, he is serving an elevated menu of Yucatecan cuisine paired with exclusively Mexican wines, mostly from Baja California’s vaunted Guadalupe Valley, considered by many to be the hottest emerging appellation in the wine world. Chef Carrillo is introducing diners to specialties like panuchos (Mayan crispy tacos), molcajete mixto (shrimp, scallop, octopus, carne asada, chorizo and nopales, served hot in a traditional mortar) and pipian con Pato (squash seed puree over seared duck). Not your father’s Mexican restaurant to be sure, Cantina Los Mayas is indigenous Mexican cuisine at its finest.

About the Host:

Juve Carrillo


Chef Jose Juventino (Juve) Carrillo (Juve) hails from the small town of Dzan in Mexico's Yucatán peninsula. He moved to the United States at 17, honing his craft at top SF restaurants like Park Chow, Chapeau!, and Bella Trattoria. Cantina Los Mayas, the first Mexican wine bar in the US, opened in 2022. It is his third restaurant.

The Lineup

All courses will be individually plated.

  1. Sikil Pak

    traditional mayan dish with smoked tomato, smoked pepper, ground pumpkin seeds, chives, habanero, shaved hard-boiled eggs, pepita seeds, squash

  2. Salbute and Panucho

    tortilla with yucatán-style barbecue pork, turkey

  3. Tamales Yucateco con Pollo

    yucatán-style chicken tamales with banana leaves, chile sauce

  4. Pipian con Pato

    braised duck with squash seed mole sauce, rice

  5. Caballero Pobre

    mexican bread pudding

Cantina Los Mayas

431 Balboa St

San Francisco, CA 94118

Event FAQs

Do I have to bring printed tickets to the event?
No tickets are needed.
What does the ticket price cover?
The ticket price covers the full cost of the meal.
Do guests need to be of a certain age to attend this event?
Yes. All attendees must be 21+ to gain entry.
What must I bring to the event?
Please make sure to bring a government-issued photo ID.
Does this restaurant allow BYOB?
No. This restaurant is a non-BYO establishment. Outside alcohol will not be permitted at this event.
Can I bring guests/non-members to this event?
Yep! For this event, guest tickets are $85 + tax & tip, and you can bring up to 3 guests. Please note, guests are not allowed to attend unaccompanied by a member.
What is the event ticket cancellation/refund policy?
Tickets to our events are non-refundable. However, for emergency requests, we may allow members to transfer their tickets to friends, provided the guest ticket surcharge of $25 is paid when transferring a member ticket to a non-member. All ticket transfer requests (as well as the guest ticket surcharge) must be sent to us prior to the event. Any guests who have not paid the guest ticket surcharge will not be allowed entry.
What COVID safety precautions will be taken at this event?
At this event, we will be accommodating all requests for separate tables rather than communal seating. Additionally, all food will be served individually-plated rather than family-style. As per local guidelines, as well as the restaurant’s own policy, attendees will not be required to present proof of vaccination for entry.
What dietary restrictions/food allergies can be accommodated at this event?
At this event we will be able to accommodate all dietary restrictions and food allergies. Just make sure to update your dietary restrictions within your Account Info before or after you purchase tickets, or email us at [email protected] after you purchase tickets to let us know what your allergies/restrictions are so we can give the chef a heads up.

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