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French Meets American Dinner Series

Washington DC - September 3rd at Central Michel Richard

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Our first-ever collaboration with Central Michel Richard is officially a wrap, and oh, what a collaboration it was!!!We were admittedly a bit nervous when Executive Chef Nick Johnson informed us that he wanted to individually plate each course (rather than our usual family-style format), as...

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Elevated Comfort Dinner Series

Philadelphia - August 12th and 13th at Hungry Pigeon

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Walking into our first collaboration with Hungry Pigeon expectations were through the roof, since we DOUBLED the size of this series due to popular demand! And no wonder, given the frankly remarkable number of honors this Queen Village hotspot has garnered: it's one of Philly Magazine’s Best in...

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Modern Scandinavian Dinner Event

Chicago - July 23rd at Lost Larson

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Heading into our first-ever collaboration with Lost Larson, we weren't quite sure what to expect menu-wise given the fact that this place literally JUST expanded into dinner service after building a reputation as one of Chicago's best bakeries. That being said, we certainly had high hopes for the...

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Nouveau Comfort Dinner Series

New York - July 8th and 10th at High Street on Hudson

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Expectations were sky-high for our first collaboration withHigh Street on Hudson, giventhe runaway success of our event series last year at the restaurant's big sister, High Street on Market, in Philly. To be frank, things got off to a bit of a bumpy start, as we were informed shortly before the...

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Old World Inspired Dinner Event

Denver - June 24th at The Plimoth

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Our first dinner Denver event is officially a wrap, and oh, what an event it was! From the food quality, to the service, to Chef/Owner Pete Ryan's storytelling/charisma, this one truly hit the nail on the head on all fronts according to attendees in their post-event surveys. Chef Pete's...

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Nouveau Indian Dinner Series

Chicago - May 22nd at Grand Trunk Road

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It had been ages since our last Indian-focused event in Chicago (shoutout to Mango Pickle!), and it's been almost 9 months since we last recapped a CHI event series (shoutout to Income Tax!). So, we figured a recap of our event series at Grand Trunk Road was in order. Expectations among members...

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Contemporary Taiwanese Dinner Series

Washington, DC - March 27th at Maketto

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We were particularly excited for this event series, as it's not every day we get to collaborate with a chef that has THIS impressive of a resume. Maketto's Executive Chef/Owner Erik Bruner-Yang is without a doubt regarded as one of DC's brightest culinary stars, having earned numerous James Beard...

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Modern Iberian Dinner Series

Nashville - April 1st at Peninsula

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Expectations were through the roof for ourFIRST-EVER Nashville event series, given that we were hosting it at Eater Nashville's 2018 Restaurant of the Year. And, just a few days before our event, Executive Chef Jake Howell won Nashville Scene's Iron Fork trophy,which we found out is a pretty big...

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Quintessential French Dinner Series

New York - March 11th and 12th at Little Frog

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This event series was a breath of fresh air for us a number of ways... First off, it had been WAY too long since our last collaboration showcasing French cuisine. Second, this was our first trip to the Upper East Side in ages. And, lastly, every course at this event series came out individually...

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Pan-Asian Meets French Dinner Event

Washington, DC - February 12th at Kyirisan

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Our first dinner with Kyirisanis over, butthe scent of pork cheeks lingers on! Executive Chef/-Owner Tim Ma and his whole crewput on a hell of a show for the 70+ attendees that turned out to claim the restaurant as theirs for the evening! Based on attendee feedback,Ma & team cemented...

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Modern Mediterranean Dinner Event

Austin - January 23rd at Launderette

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Our first visit to Launderette is officially a wrap and now we fully appreciatewhy Launderette was a James Beard Finalist and picked by Food & Wine as one of the Best New Restaurants in America in 2016. Executive Chef/Owner Rene Ortiz and the entire Launderette team put on a truly...

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Christmakwanzakkah Party Series

New York - December 10th and 11th at XIXA

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Our Christmakwanzakkah Party Series at XIXA was yet another reminder of why we returning to the warm embrace of Executive Chef/Owner Jason Marcus. Chef Marcus and the whole XIXA crew totally wowed the160+ attendees that came out over the course of this two-night series!Those who attended gotto...

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Globally Inspired Dinner Series

Austin - December 3rd at Lenoir

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Our first-ever Austin event series is officially a wrap and oh, what a night it was! Executive Chef/Co-OwnerTodd Duplechan, and the whole team at Lenoir, put on a hell of a show for the 70 attendees that turned out and filled the restaurant to the brim over the course of two seatings. The food...

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Basque Cidery-Inspired Dinner Event

New York - November 28th at Brooklyn Cider House

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We don't like to pick favorites, but Brooklyn Cider House was hands down the coolest venue we've ever hosted an event in! Why, you ask? Therestaurant also doubles as a fully operational cider production facility, and there are MASSIVE cider-filled barrels directly adjacent to the dining room....

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Regional American Dinner Series

Philadelphia - October 22nd and 23rd at Cadence

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Our 2nd Philly event series is officially a wrap, and Cadence most definitely did not disappoint! It was a truly a pleasure to see the chef/owner trio of Jon Nodler, Samantha Kincaid, and Michael Fry divide and conquer our collaboration over the course of two days and 120+ attendees! It's no...

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Modern French Dinner Series

Philadelphia - October 8th and 9th at Will BYOB

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Our first Philly event series is officially a wrap, and ohhhh,what a kick off it was! Executive Chef/Owner Christopher Kearse blew the over 100 attendees away over two days and four seatings with course after course of arguably the most photogenic food we have EVER seen (you can be the judge of...

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Ode To Seoul Dinner Event

New York - September 25th at Insa

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Our first-ever event collaboration with Insa and the restaurant's acclaimed Chef/Owner Sohui Kim is in the books and attendee ratings are in! Judging by attendee post-event ratings from this one, it's safe to say that Chef Kim totally brought the house down, as feedback was across-the-board...

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Pan-European Inspired Dinner Series

Chicago - September 11th and 12th at Income Tax

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Our first-ever event series at Income Tax with their newly appointed executive chef, Ellison Park, is officiallya wrap and attendee ratings are in! The post-eventfeedback from this one was all over the place. Some attendees were completely blown away (in a good way); others foundseveral of the...

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Big Easy Nostalgia Dinner Series

San Francisco - July 29th at Alba Ray's

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This 2-seating dinner series got off to a bit of a stressful start when we found out that several of the restaurant's servers no-showed (yikes!). This resulted in a delayed start to the first seating, which was definitely not ideal. But, once Chef Adam Rosenblum gotsettled into the kitchen and...

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Nouveau Korean Dinner Series

New York - July 22nd, 23rd & 24th at Jeju Noodle Bar

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We got a bit behind on our recap of this one but didn't want to let it slip through the cracks given that it was ourmost attended event series EVER; over 200 members + their guests turned out over the course of this three day (and 5 seating) dinner series! Based on attendee feedback cards, Chef...

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Authentic Piemontese Dinner Series

Chicago - July 9th & 11th at Osteria Langhe

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Our first-ever event series at Osteria Langhe with Executive Chef/Co-Owner Cameron Grant was a blast! We’re still dreaming about that Plin, and particularly enjoyed listening to Chef Grant share his story about where/how he learned to make it (hint hint… It required eating A LOT of pasta!)....

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Revisiting Roots Dinner Series

Chicago - June 18th & 19th at The Duck Inn

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This was our first-ever event series at The Duck Inn and our first trip to Bridgeport. We couldn't have imagined a better personto welcome us to the neighborhood than Chef Kevin Hickey, whose familial history in Bridgeport goes back 5 generations! Chef Hickey put together an incredibly...

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Inventive Middle Eastern Dinner Event

San Francisco - June 18th at Tawla

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Our first-ever SF event is officially in the books and, while we won't say it wasperfect, it was definitely a major success! First off, Chef Joseph Magidow and Owner Azhar Hashem were incredible storytellers. We particularly enjoyed learning from Azhar about her transition from Google to...

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Chinese Nostalgia Dinner Series

New York - June 3rd & 4th at MáLà Project

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150+ members and guests came out for this event series with Executive Chef Zilong Zhao and Owner Amelie Kang! Chef Zhao doesn't speak English, but Ms. Kang graciously translated for him whenever they came out to share stories. Unsurprisingly given that the restaurant built their name upon this...

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Alpine Inspired Dinner Series

Chicago - June 3rd & 4th at Table, Donkey and Stick

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This was our first-ever collaboration with Table, Donkey and Stick. BUT, it was not our first eventwith Executive Chef Justin Moser, as he was in the kitchen as Sous Chef at our Salero Dinner Series a few months back; that's a first! However, this time around Chef Moser was the star of the show,...

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Globally Inspired Dinner Series

Chicago - May 20th & 21st at Heritage

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It was only a matter of time until caviar made an appearance at anevent series. And, thanks to Chef/Owner Guy Meikle, we can officially check that off of the TC bucket list. For our first-evercollaboration with Heritage, Chef Meikle pulled out all the stops and, according toattendee feedback...

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Contemporary Indian Dinner Series

New York - April 22nd at Pondicheri

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This collaboration representeda huge step forward for the TC community - we're still in disbelief that a 4-time James Beard Best Chef Nominee would fly across the country to work with us! Additionally,it was our largest 2-seating event series to date, with 140+ members and their guests turning...

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Dutch Meets Indonesian Dinner Series

Chicago - April 18th & 19th at De Quay

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As we continue to spread our wings in Chicago, the "first-evers" kept coming courtesy of Chef David de Quay and the team at De Quay. We have literally nothing to say about this event series other than that it was INCREDIBLE! We literally didn't get a single negative rating from attendees in our...

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Izakaya Inspired Dinner Series

New York - April 8th, 9th & 10th at Oka

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Our first collaboration with Oka turned intoa big milestone for the TC community, as we hit a record number of attendees over the course of 3 days (almost 200 tix sold!). And, the lastday of the serieswas our first-ever2-seating weeknight event, which has incredibly exciting implications for the...

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Contemporary Indian Dinner Series

Chicago - March 29th & April 5th at Mango Pickle

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We were lucky enough to get our first event series in the books with Chef Marisa Paolillo and the team at Mango Pickle literally right before Chicago Mag'sbest new restaurantsissue hit the stores and their reservation book got filled to the brim.120+ members (and their guests) journeyed to...

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Modern French Dinner Series

New York - March 25th & 27th at Le Garage

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This was a collaboration full of firsts for us. Shockingly, it was our first event series at aFrench restaurant. And, it was our first trip to Bushwick. To put it simply, Chef Catherine Allswang showed us what we've been missing out on! Her 30+ years of professionalexperience cooking French...

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Alsace Inspired Dinner Series

Chicago - March 18th at Boeufhaus

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Our first visit to Boeufhaus was pretty epic, with 120+ members (and their guests) in attendance over the course of two seatings! To be honest, we were a bit nervous, as this was our first two-seating eventin Chicago. Thankfully,Chef Brian Ahern and his team were more than up for the challenge....

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Modern Basque Dinner Series

Chicago - March 4th & 5th at Salero

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Our first collaboration with Salero is officially a wrap, and it's safe to say that we will be coming back! We were pretty excited about this one, as Chef Ashlee Aubin has an incredibly impressive resumeand, clearly, that excitement was shared among the Chicago TC membership base; 130 members and...

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Contemporary Mexican Dinner Series

New York - February 6th & 13th at Hecho En Dumbo

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It had been over a year since our last event with at Hecho En Dumbo, so this event series wasdefinitely way over! Chef Danny Mena was eager to welcome us back, and created a special menu filled entirely with new creations to test out on us and, of course, we were beyond eager to serve as his...

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Nouveau Mexican Dinner Series

Chicago - January 30th & February 6th at Quiote

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At this event series, we found out exactly why EVERYONE in Chicago has been raving about Quiotesince they opened their doors a year ago... Speaking of which, congrats to them on hitting the one year mark! Chef Dan Salls and the whole team there put on a truly delectableshow for us with this event...

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New Americana Dinner Event

Chicago - January 9th at Split Rail

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For our second-ever Chicago event, we ventured out to the border of Ukranian Village and West Town for a 9-Course "New Americana" feast with Chef Zoe Schor at her brand new restaurant: Split Rail. Honestly, we had no idea what New Americana food was, as we had never heard the term before. But, we...

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Chinese-Style New Year Dinner Series

New York - January 3rd & 7th at Nom Wah Tu

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We kicked off the new year with our all-time favorite New Year food tradition, a Chinese New Year feast! Sure, it wasn't Chinese New Year, but that didn't stop Chef Jonathan Wu from putting on a helluva show. This was our first visit to the restaurant since they reopened as Nom Wah Tu (RIP Fung...

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Basque Inspired Dinner Series

New York - November 13th & 14th at Huertas

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We had almost forgotten how much we love this place... Almost! Chef Jonah Miller and his team put together back-to-back showstoppersthis time around. And while Day 1 and Day 2 attendees did not agree entirely on thethree top-rated courses, the cream definitely rose to the top. Below are the top 3...

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Southern Meets Italian Dinner Series

New York - October 16th & 17th at Popina

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Over 70 memberstrekked out to the border of Carrol Gardens and Red Hook over the course of 2 days for this event series, which was not asmall feat for a Monday and Tuesday night. So, we were feeling extra pressure to deliver an incredible experience this time. Things got off to an unfortunate...

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Nouveau Hawaiian Dinner Event

New York - September 26th at Noreetuh

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This event was another return trip to one of our very first restaurant partners; Noreetuh. It had been ages since our list dinner event with Chef Chung Chung Chow, and he had some new dishes he'd been testing out that he was eager to get our feedback on. Obviously, we were more than happy to...

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Taco-Palooza Fiesta Dinner Series

New York - September 18th & 19th at XIXA

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The format of this event series was completely new to us, and we knew it wouldn't be perfect. But, we decided that it was worth taking a risk and experiment with anew event conceptbecause uncovering new ways to experience amazing restaurants is such an essential part of our mission. And there's...

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Singaporean Hawker Dinner Event

New York - September 11th at Chomp Chomp

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Our last trip to Chomp Chomp was almost 2 years ago - back when Tasting Collective was just a fun hobby for us! We figured it was time for another event, as we had completely forgotten what Singaporean Hawker Food is all about. Well, we're pleased to report that Chef Simpson Wong and the whole...

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Oceanic Extravaganza Dinner Series

New York - August 27th & 28th at Gloria

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To put it frankly, this place BLEW US AWAY! We had a good feeling about this event series from the moment we met Chef Diego Garcia and the team at Gloria. Why, you ask? Well, they had that perfect combination of experience and humbleness. They know what they're doing, but they were also eager to...

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Japanese Meets Vietnamese Collabo Dinner Series

New York - August 21st & 22nd at Bessou & Hanoi House

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Well, it's safe to say that our first-ever restaurant collaboration series was a BIG success and we're incredibly excited for many more! This was the first time that Emily Yuen (Exec Chef @ Bessou) and John Nguyen (Exec Chef @ Hanoi House) had ever worked together, but if you didn't know that you...

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Seasonal American Dinner Series

New York - August 1st, 2nd & 3rd at The Finch

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This was our first event series at The Finch, and member expectations were incredibly high given the restaurant'sMichelin Star accolade and Chef/Owner Gabe McMackin's beyond impressive resume (Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Roberta's, and Gramercy Tavern). The event series got off to a challenging...

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Vegetable Preservation Dinner Series

New York - July 17th & 18th at Hemlock

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This was our first event series at Hemlock, which opened just a few months ago. The restaurant has been getting a ton ofbuzz, and Executive Chef/Co-Owner Diego Moya has a stellarresume (Casa Mono, Kin Shop, and Dovetail). Additionally, we loved Chef Moya's concept for the series, as he wanted to...

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Nouveau Mexican Dinner Series

New York - July 9th at Lalito

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This was our first visit to Lalito and only our second time doing a 2-Seating Takeover, where we filled up the restaurant twice in one night. That's a lot of firsts for one evening so we were obviously a bit nervous and we knew that there was the possibility things could go wrong. Well, we're...

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Inventive Chinese/American Dinner Series

New York - June 20th & 27th at Fung Tu

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It had been a few months since our last event at Fung Tu, and to be frank, we were craving some time with Chef Jonathan Wu! At our last visit, we thoroughly enjoyed the food but it was Chef Wu's storytelling that really blew us away. His storytellingwas definitely still amazing during this...

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Back To Brazil Dinner Event

New York - June 14th at Nomadic Chef Series: Act 1

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This event was full of firsts for us. It was the first time wefeatured Brazilian cuisine at an event, and it was the first time we brought our own chef into a restaurant with us to put on the show (unaffiliated with the restaurant we were at). Typically, the hosts are the executive chefs at the...

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Globally-Inspired Dinner Series

New York - June 5th & 6th at Traif

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Members often ask us what our favorite restaurants are, and Traif is always on the list. Now some of you know why - 140 of you to be exact! The reason we find this restaurant to be so magical has to do with a lot more than the food, which is without a doubt incredible btw. It's about the...

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Seafood-Centric Thai Dinner Event

New York - May 22nd at Fish Cheeks

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This event just reinforced what we were pretty sure we already knew... Fish Cheeks is incredible! We were pretty blown away at our first event together a few months backbut that was a brunch event and,naturally, we had to make sure that their genius translated to dinner. Well, it 100% did. Wow....

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Mid-Atlantic Roots Dinner Series

New York - May 9th & 10th at Delaware and Hudson

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We had a feeling this event series was going to be one for the ages, and based on the feedback we got from members, it lived up to the hype. Chef Patti Jackson showed us what a seasonal-inspired menu is all about with this one, as each course brilliantly incorporated allof the bright green...

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Filipino Test Kitchen Dinner Series

New York - May 2nd & 4th at Maharlika

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This test kitchen series was a total blast! Co-owners Chef Miguel Trinidad and Nicole Posecawelcomed us with open arms and an incredible music playlist that made these events feel incredibly warm and comfortable. Chef Miguel and Nicole shared so many stories with us, but we particularly enjoyed...

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Ode To Earth Day Dinner Series

New York - April 23rd at Denizen

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We’re not gonna lie, this event was particularly nerve-racking for us, as it was our first time doingtwo seatings in one night - with the first seating at 5:30 and the second at8pm. We’re pleased to report that there were no major catastrophes! It wasn’t perfect, as the time constraints made the...

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Modern Japanese Soul Dinner Series

New York - April 11th & 16th at Bessou

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Our first feasting foray into the beautiful world of Japanese cuisine was a blast. We had just figured that Japanese would not be an option for our feasts, as we always thought of sushi as being an essential component of the cuisine and that would undoubtedly be way over our price point. How much...

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East Meets West Dinner Series

New York - April 4th & 5th at Tuome

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This event series was unique for us in many ways… For starters, it was our first-ever two day takeover, where we completely filled up the restaurant on both Tuesday and Wednesday! This is something we’re extremely excited about, and you can definitely expect more multiple day restaurant takeovers...

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Nouveau Nordic Dinner Event

New York - March 8th at N'eat

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Wow! To put it simply, we were completely blown away by this place… Chef Yelena Del Mundo and her team are doing incredibly special things in this tiny kitchen (with all-electric appliances btw), and it really felt like we stumbled upon a secret treasure. In terms of the narrative, we...

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Modern Chinese Dinner Event

New York - February 28th at Fung Tu

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What did we think of Fung Tu, you ask? Well, before we get to the food, it should be recognized that Chef Jonathan Wu deserves a TV show ASAP! This man is a walking encyclopedia of culinary knowledge, and he graciously shared incredibly interesting stories with us all night night. We found it...

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Japanese/Jewish Fusion Dinner Event

New York - February 8th at Shalom Japan

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Our second visit to Shalom Japan was a pleasant reminder of just how unique this place is. It had been over a year since our first event at the restaurant, and we had totally forgotten what Jewish/Japanese food tastes like. While we did find several of the courses to be a bit too confusing for...

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Authentic Caribbean Dinner Event

New York - January 31st at Miss Lily's 7A

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To put it simply, this event had it all. The atmosphere was electric, the food was delicious, and Chef Andre Fowles was full of stories! As soon as we walked into the restaurant, we were hit with a warm breeze reminiscent of a Jamaican beach. The Caribbean vibes continued for the next 2+ hours,...

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