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Taiwanese Inspired Brunch Series

New York - November 18th at Win Son

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Yep;Chef Trigg Brownand the rest of the crew at Win Son are still KILLIN' it!And, unsurprisingly, the Pan-Griddled Pork Buns with scallions and chili vinaigrette still stole the show as the top-rated course from both seatings. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Below are the top 3 courses from each...

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Nouveau Mexican Brunch Series

New York - October 28th at Lalito

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80+ members and their guests filled up Lalito for this 2-Seating Nouveau Mexican Brunch Series with Chef Gerardo Gonzalez. This was our first brunch series with Chef Gonzalez,but it wasn't our first event series with him, as wehad previously hosted a dinner series at the restaurant. So, we knew...

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Oktoberfest Brunch Series

New York - October 7th at Freud

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A lot of members have been requesting more brunch events. So, when Chef Eduard Frauneder reached out about doing something for Oktoberfest at his newest restaurant, we suggested that we make it a brunch event. Many of ourrestaurants greatly prefer hosting dinner events over brunch events, which...

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Basque Inspired Brunch Event

New York - March 25th at Huertas

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We kept the “brunch at restaurants that don’t serve brunch” train rolling at this event, and man are we glad we did! This was not our firt visit to Huertas - in fact, it was our 3rd event together - but, it was our first brunch event with them. It definitely won’t be our last though. Chef Jonah...

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Ode To Mexico City Dinner Event

New York - March 19th at Xixa

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This event was by far our largest ever, with 95 attendees, and as a result it was a bit chaotic when everyone first arrived (but a great learning experience none-the-less!). However, once everyone got settled in and the food started coming out, it didn’t take long to see why we’re always raving...

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Thai Seafood Dinner Event

New York - February 19th at Fish Cheeks

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We had a feeling this event would be a good one, as Fish Cheeks has been the talk of the town lately and Thai cuisine is a perfect match for the type of dining experience we aim to create at our events. Well, Chef Chat Suansilphong did not disappoint! The food was bursting with flavor and spice,...

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