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You know all about tapas and mezze and izakayas and all those amazing culinary traditions that have enriched our lives, but here’s a new one for you: apericena. This tradition, which emerged out of Milan, combines two words: aperitivo (aperitif) and cena (dinner). The idea for this not-yet year-old Tennyson Street eatery came from co-owners Marco Albertin and Tony Hopson, both natives of Italy, who set out to create a neighborhood hangout that would offer the Italian equivalent of happy hour. They brought on board Executive Chef Lalo Macias, coming off 22 years as sous chef at dear departed Il Fornaio, and his inventive menu features dishes like burrata cheese wrapped with prosciutto, seafood and fish stew, risotto with gorgonzola and cremini mushrooms, and lasagna bianca with béchamel, sausage, and mushrooms. “You immediately feel at home…genuine Italian hospitality,” says 303 Magazine of Voghera, which, by the way, is named for owner Albertin’s hometown in Lombardy.

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