Punk Wok


  • Complimentary salmon, hamachi, or eel nigiri when you dine at the restaurant

Chef-Owner Clay Greenberg, whose SILO is a popular fixture on the Nashville eating scene, conceived of this Sylvan Park eatery, opened in December 2021, as an “American izakaya”—in other words, a great place to hang out. Greenberg grew up in Oklahoma City, whose renowned Asian District boasts some of the best dim sum, sushi, pho, and ramen in the country, and when he set out to create an Asian restaurant, he enlisted the help of old friend and veteran chef Tony Patton. “Tony was the obvious choice,” says Chef Greenberg. “His love of Asian foods and his knowledge of fish butchery and sushi is second to none in Nashville.” Punk Wok’s inventive menu is divided into three parts: Cold (seaweed salad, Japanese potato salad), Hot (cumin-chili scented lamb on skewers, pimento cheese-stuffed Crab Rangoon) and Wok (Hunan beef stir-fry, Jiang-song chicken or tofu). There’s also a separate sushi menu and vegan dishes throughout. Did we mention the cool décor with bold murals and a mosaic behind the bar made up of thousands of mahjong tiles?

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