• Complimentary glass of wine or chef's choice dessert when you dine at the restaurant

Simply put, Peruvian cuisine is remarkable. Here is a country that boasts 3,000 varieties of potatoes, celebrates a glorious tradition of ceviche, and regards guinea pig as a delicacy -- worry not though; there won't be any guinea pig on our menu! Chef Carlos Moreira, who previously honed his skills in a bunch of the Bay Area's most lauded Michelin-starred restaurants, opened Pucquio in Oakland in 2013, and it quickly became a genuine food destination. Chef Moreira creates a casual and inviting atmosphere in which diners get to discover dishes that hearken back to Peru’s exciting and diverse street food. Think fried plantains, lomo saltado, the classic Chinese-influenced beef stir-fry, and, of course, lots of ceviche. Oakland Magazine calls a visit to Pucquio “one of the best nights out the East Bay has to offer.”

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