Nazca Mochica


  • Complimentary alfajores when you dine at the restaurant

Located in the Dupont Circle area, Nazca Mochica is the place to discover Peruvian cuisine, if you haven’t already done so, or to dig deeper into the dishes you know and love. Here Executive Chef and Owner Walter Lopez, a native of Peru, turns out cultural standards like causitas (potato cakes with lime juice and various toppings), lomo saltado (a beef tenderloin stir fry), and, of course, ceviche, but you’ll also find innovative dishes like duck confit with sweet potato glaze and “Andean gnocchi.” Thrillist names Nazca Mochica to its list of “The Best Authentic Latin Restaurants in D.C.,” while the Hungry Lobbyist praises its “delicious food” and cites, as an added bonus, “its beautiful, colorful art.”

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