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The first thing you need to know about Marmite is that its name is not a reference to the revered/reviled British sandwich spread derived from yeast extract, but, rather, to the traditional crockery casserole vessel seen in France. Makes sense, as Executive Chef/Owner Bruce Naftaly, a pioneer of the Seattle restaurant scene, has always been heavily influenced by French cooking. In 1980, he opened the restaurant and charcuterie Les Copains, followed in 1985 b the very popular Le Gourmand in Ballard. In 2016, Chef Nataly and his wife Sara, a celebrated baker, launched Marmite on Capitol Hill’s Chophouse Row. There is much to love here, from the house-made potato chips with rosemary, lemon, and smoked sea salt, to the duck rillettes croquettes, to the green leaf-wrapped skate wing with grapes, spinach flan, and pork belly crumble. Seattle Magazine heralds the “triumphant return of Seattle’s French cuisine king” and promises that “you’ll love what the Naftalys are doing here.”

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