• Complimentary glass of wine any time you dine at the restaurant

Opened in 2017, Khamsa takes traditional Moroccan recipes that Chef/Owner Adil Elamrani learned in Marrakech under the tutelage of his mother and reimagines them with a contemporary California twist. The azure-painted space recalls Chefchaouen, Morocco’s famous “blue city,” and the décor deftly mixes ornate elements, like hand-painted tiles and wall hangings, with a modernist design sensibility. It’s extraordinary how well those two cultures meld. Chef Elamrani, who moved to the U.S. eight years ago, has created a menu that perfectly straddles the line between innovation and tradition. That means you can expect plenty of eggplant, almonds, za’taar, and all your favorite Moroccan flavors, presented in a more unconventional way.

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