• Complimentary fried cauliflower appetizer when you dine at the restaurant

In Irish mythology, the hawthorn tree (‘hathorne’ here) is thought to bring good luck to the owner and prosperity to the land where it stands. As a symbol, it is certainly doing its job at Chef John Stephenson’s new restaurant in Sylvan Park. Located in a renovated former fellowship hall, Hathorne is the first established that Stephenson has owned, after 27 years cooking at places like The Corner Market and Fido. His culinary mantra is ‘new American,’ featuring ingredients and recipes gathered from his travels throughout the South. Chef Stephenson is especially interested in vegetables, from roasted golden beets to heirloom carrots to wilted chard, all so fresh they practically get up off the plate and walk away. (No worries for meat lovers, however, with succulent dishes like spicy lamb, beef & pork meatballs and fried chicken à la schnitzel on the menu)

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