• Complimentary cocktail or mocktail when you dine at the restaurant

This very new (October 2019) Andersonville eatery is a celebration of international street food. Executive Chef-Co-Owner Rolf Pederson comes by his internationality honestly, as he is the son of Thai and Norwegian parents, both of whom emigrated to the U.S. Now, with his wife, partner, and Pastry/Sous Chef Meagan Selvig, Chef Pedersen is having a field day offering diners everything from shrimp stuffed pancakes to buffalo skate wings, chickpea fritters, adobo chicken, ahi tuna tostadas, and beef heart skewers. The street food concept carries over to dessert as well, with items like churros with pineapple and chocolate-covered Key lime pops. The Infatuation says, “When a restaurant has an all-over-the-place menu…it seems unlikely that everything on it will work. But at Gadabout, it somehow does.” To underscore their enthusiasm, The Infatuation named Gadabout to its recent list of “The Best New Restaurants in Chicago.”

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