Espita Mezcaleria


  • Complimentary glass of house espadin mezcal when you dine at the restaurant

Fans of Mexican food will be excited to discover Espita, a classic “mezcaleria” in the Shaw neighborhood that serves Oaxacan cuisine. This food of southern Mexico features the same staples used in all Mexican cuisine—corn, beans, and chile peppers—but the state’s geographical and cultural variety means there are many diverse influences at work. At Espita, Chef Benjamin Tenner offers traditional cuisine seen through the lens of the Mid-Atlantic, applying authentic flavors and techniques to the seasonal bounty of our region. Whether it’s tacos, tlayudas (a street snack often called the Mexican pizza), memorable moles, or a range of mezcals, you’ll experience intense taste sensations. Prepare to be stunned as well by the extraordinary murals by Yescka, a well-known Oaxacan street artist. “The scenery has the same effect as the food and drink,” says the Washington Post. “It wakes you up and stirs the senses.”

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