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Opened in 2019, this Porter Square eatery has earned a place on many "Best Of" lists, including Boston Globe’s “Best New Restaurants of 2020,” Boston Magazine’s “Best Restaurants of 2022,” and Time Out’s “16 Best Thai Restaurants in Boston This 2022.” Chef Patiparn Sukkham grew up in and around his mother’s Bangkok restaurant; then, he made his way across India and other Asian countries, gathering influences that he now uses in his cooking. Chalawan’s design is also inspired by the style of a Thai house from the early Rattanagosin period, in order to exude the warmth and welcoming feelings of a living room. That warmth is carried out as well in the home recipes that are the backbone of its menu. Consider, for example, the Aunty Wang snapper dumplings; or the watermelon salad, the crispy confit pork hock, the Yunan black pepper chicken, Borneo tamarind prawn, and the vegetarian options like Singapore chili tofu and stir-fry Szechuan eggplant. “Downright phenomenal,” raves Infatuation, while Boston Magazine says, “Chalawan manages to touch on numerous parts of Southeast Asia—and beyond—with great success.”

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