Bar Chinois


  • Complimentary chef's choice appetizer when you dine at the restaurant

Enter this new (September 2021) eatery in Mt. Vernon Triangle and you will immediately buy into its party atmosphere. Its patio space out front leads into a hip, modern industrial interior. A neon sign behind the bar spells out “Welcome friend” in Chinese characters, which pretty much sums up Bar Chinois’ approach to diners. Your mood will continue to lift as you dig into Bar Chinois’ food. Executive Chef Lekki Limvatana grew up in north-central Thailand, where her family operated a shophouse (i.e. a store opening onto the sidewalk that also functions as the family’s residence). She got a degree in political science in Bangkok, then went to the U.S. for her MBA, but ultimately transitioned into the New York food world. After stints in New Jersey and Florida, she wound up in D.C., working for her high school friend Sak Pollert at his two Logan Circle restaurants, Rice and D.C. Noodles. At Bar Chinois, she turns out stellar dishes like Char Sui Chicken Rice, Walnut Shrimp, Pork Belly Bao, and Crab Rangoon, making her one of the Washington Post’s recognized chefs.

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