Baar Baar


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There are Indian restaurants—and then there are Indian restaurants. East Village’s Baar Baar (which means ‘again and again’) is in a class of its own. For one thing, it is New York’s first modern Indian gastro bar, challenging your preconceptions about every Indian restaurant you’ve ever eaten in. Chef Sujan Sarkar, named by the Times of India as India’s chef of the year for 2016, has a remarkable pedigree gained from his far-ranging global cooking experiences. He worked at the Michelin-starred ‘Galvin at Windows’ at London Park Lane, the ‘Automat and Almada’ at Mayfair London, and took over the helm at Olive Bar & Kitchen in New Delhi. Then, he opened Rooh in San Francisco, where he served his interpretation of new-age Indian cuisine. With Baar Baar, he is exploring new directions that reimagine one of the world’s great cuisines.

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