93 Til


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The unusual name of this Montrose neighborhood eatery and record bar derives from the ‘90s hip-hop Souls of Mischief song “93 ‘Til Infinity,” but that’s about as derivative as things get around here. Endlessly inventive Chef Lung Ly worked at sushi restaurants in Houston before heading out to Portland, Oregon, where he developed his passion for charcuterie and butchery. He did a stint in New York at Tom Colicchio’s Small Batch restaurant before heading back to Houston, where he opened 93 ‘Til in 2020. Here, he turns out some of the city's most inventive food, like chicken liver mousse with fennel marmalade & smoked trout roe, pork cheek shepherd’s pie, or fried frog legs with salsa matcha. Inspired by Tokyo’s record bar culture, 93 ‘Til is also about music, with a great soundtrack of hip-hop, funk, soul, worldbeat, classic rock, and African jazz. Did we mention that Eater featured 93 ‘Til on their most recent “Hottest New Restaurants in HTX” List, and Thrillist named it to their latest “Where to Eat in HTX Right Now” List?

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