• Complimentary glass of sparkling wine when you dine at the restaurant

Just opened in December of 2021, this omakase restaurant in the historic Heights neighborhood has already developed quite a following. Executive Chef/Owner Billy Kin, whose other Heights restaurant Blackbird Izakaya, now departed, was much admired and whose Hidden Omakase in the Galleria area is still thriving, grew up around the professional kitchens of his father and grandfather, both esteemed chefs. At 5Kinokawa, which is named for the Japanese restaurant his father ran in Taiwan, Chef Kin is working with connections he made at Hidden Omakase to source fresh seafood directly from Japan. Here, diners can discover edomae-style sushi, which stems from 1820s Japan, before electric refrigeration came to pass, in which the fish is preserved in soy sauce, vinegar, or simmered in broth. It’s different—and delicious! And Chef Kin’s talents are not limited to the kitchen. He is a talented woodworker as well, influenced by George Nakashima, the legendary architect and woodworker who is considered the father of the American Craft movement. Chef Kin crafted 5Kinokawa’s wooden bar and other features of the restaurant.

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