Edo-Inspired Omakase Tasting Series

New York - January 25th at Sushi Dojo

We've always heard fantastic things about this sushi mecca — and with accolades like Eater's "34 Standout Sushi Spots", Thrillist's "Best NYC Sushi", and Bloomberg's "13 Top Omakase Meals in Manhattan", how could we not? But even with all the acclaim (and even after our sure-fire success with Lashevet, Sushi Dojo Owner Boris Lidukhover's other culinary brainchild), we were still floored by the show Boris and his incredible crew of sushi chefs put on for us throughout this two-day series. They were true masters of the craft, slicing and dicing up a mouth-watering 5-Course meal that truly captured sushi's delicate (and, of course, delicious) artistry. Scroll down below to drool over the photos and you'll see just what we mean about the food, but we want to give a special shout-out to what photos can't capture: How incredible a host Boris was, as he came out throughout the evening to share heartfelt stories and talk about his chefs. Thank you to Boris and all of his rockstar team for delivering such an unforgettable set of nights! Oh, and as always, look below for the top three courses, as rated by guests on their feedback cards:


1st Place: Omakase-Style Nigiri, AKA a chef's choice selection of raw fish on sushi rice

2nd Place: Bakkafrost Salmon Tataki

3rd Place: Japanese Ceviche Trio, with wild striped bass, fluke, and red snapper


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