Globally Inspired Tasting Event

Houston - July 10th at Mastrantos

For this event, we returned to the very last restaurant we teamed up with before the pandemic arrived way back when: Mastrantos! We're not gonna lie, it was a very surreal feeling to be back there, as it brought back tons of memories about all of the craziness that ensued literally the day after our first collab with Mastrantos. However, it was also incredibly exciting to realize how far we've come in this pandemic journey. Chef Tony Castillo and his incredible team welcomed us back with nothing but exuberance, as he couldn't wait to share with us some of the new dishes he'd been working on. And, naturally, we couldn't wait to serve as his guinea pigs once again. Just as was the case with our collab had been, this event was a whopping success (both in terms of the food and Chef Castillo's storytelling!). Huge thanks to Chef Castillo and his crew for another unforgettable evening, and below are the top three courses, as rated by attendees on their feedback cards:


1st Place:  Taleggio-Filled Scarpinocc Pasta with sage and dolce gorgonzola butter sauce and balsamic glaze

2nd Place:  Secreto Pork with filipino adobo sauce, pearl onions, braised pineapples, and coconut rice

3rd Place:  Chocolate Ravioli with with nutella and vanilla creme fraiche


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