Coastal Spanish Tasting Event

Chicago - April 28th at MFK

It had been over two years since our last Tasting Event in Chicago (crazy right?), so it's safe to say there was a lot of pent-up excitement about this event! And, accompanying this excitement were sky-high expectations among the 40+ members (and their guests) who turned out to fill up mfk. for back-to-back seatings. Well, based on member feedback, Chef Matt Ginsberg and his team certainly "met the moment" and showed us why MFK. has been one of Chicagoans' most-beloved Basque-inspired eateries for going on 8 years! While feedback was across the board FANTASTIC on every course, below are the top three courses, as rated by attendees on their feedback cards:


1st Place:  Seared Sea Scallops - with crispy arborio rice, green romesco, pepitas, and mustard greens

2nd Place:  Albóndigas - meatballs with salbitxada sauce, roasted shishito peppers, and crispy shallot

3rd Place:  Roasted Mushrooms - with white bean salad, toasted almonds, harissa butter, and piquillo purée


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