Laotian Roots Tasting Event

Charlotte - November 1st at Sosu

We are officially BACK in Queen City, and oh, what a kick-off it was! Chef Rocky Jokbengboon and the entire team of Sosu came into this event with about almost as much excitement as our members, which is saying a lot considering that our members had a year and a half's worth of accumulated anticipation. Needless to say, the environment was electric. Not gonna lie, we were a bit nervous about the menu heading into the evening, as Chef Jokbengboon decided to completely flip the script and create a menu for us that showcased Laotian cuisine - his heritage - as opposed to the Japanese food typically served at Sosu. But, once the evening got underway, it quickly became apparent that attendees were LOVING the food, and the feedback cards backed up this sentiment. Speaking of which, below are the top three courses, as rated by attendees on their feedback cards:


1st Place: Mok Paa - catfish belly marinated in lemongrass and dill and served with sticky rice

2nd Place: Khao Piak Sen - handmade tapioca noodles with poached chicken thigh, lemongrass, ginger broth, herbs, and house chili oil

3rd Place: Nam Khao - crispy red curried broken rice with fermented pork sausage, herbs, and romaine lettuce


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