Pan-European Inspired Dinner Series

Chicago - September 11th & 12th at Income Tax

Our first-ever event series at Income Tax with their newly appointed executive chef, Ellison Park, is officially a wrap and attendee ratings are in! The post-event feedback from this one was all over the place. Some attendees were completely blown away (in a good way); others found several of the courses to be underwhelming. Interestingly, despite the fact that overall feedback varied so much, everyone seemed to be in agreement on the favorite courses. Check out the top 3 courses, as rated by attendees, from each day below:



1st Place: Maltagliati - with sungold tomato and marigold

2nd Place: Octopus Escabeche - with fennel, melrose pepper, and dill

3rd Place: Dark Chocolate Tart - with almond, blueberry, and anise hyssop



1st Place: Maltagliati - with sungold  tomato and marigold

2nd Place: Octopus Escabeche - with fennel, melrose  pepper, and dill

3rd Place: Stewed Eggplant - with walnut, mint, and charred cucumber


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