Inventive Middle Eastern Dinner Event

San Francisco - June 18th at Tawla

Our first-ever SF event is officially in the books and, while we won't say it was perfect, it was definitely a major success! First off, Chef Joseph Magidow and Owner Azhar Hashem were incredible storytellers. We particularly enjoyed learning from Azhar about her transition from Google to restauranteur and hearing Chef Magidow share his appreciation for anchovies. In terms of the food, attendee feedback was incredibly positive across the board. The only issue was on our part in not updating the menus to reflect a few last minute changes. But, this proved to be a fantastic learning experience, since apparently, it's quite common among SF restaurants for menus to change daily. So, it's definitely something we'll take into account moving forward! Below are the 3 top courses as rated by attendees on their feedback cards:


1st Place: Spring Vegetable Bouyiourdi - with peas, favas, cipollini, and buffalo milk cheese

2nd Place: Marinated Anchovies - with olives, capers, za'atar, and meyer lemon

3rd Place: Rolled Rabbit - with cherries, baby corn, amaranth, and mahlab


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