Thai Seafood Dinner Event

New York - February 19th at Fish Cheeks

We had a feeling this event would be a good one, as Fish Cheeks has been the talk of the town lately and Thai cuisine is a perfect match for the type of dining experience we aim to create at our events. Well, Chef Chat Suansilphong did not disappoint! The food was bursting with flavor and spice, and nearly every dish received extremely high ratings from attendees. And, Chef Chat was a fantastic host. We particularly liked seeing him gleefully share with us how happy it made him to see us enjoying his food because he was nervous Americans wouldn’t take to the type of authentic Thai food he makes. All we can say is, Chef Chat you have absolutely nothing to worry about :). Below are the top 3 courses of the feast as rated by attendees on their tasting notes: 

1st Place: Coconut Crab Curry - with jumbo lump crab meat and batel leaves 

2nd Place: Steamed Pollock with Thai Herbs - with holy basil, mint, and lemongrass broth 

3rd Place: Fried Calamari - with cilantro, dried red chili, tamarind, and fish sauce


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