Ode To Earth Day Dinner Series

New York - April 23rd at Denizen

We’re not gonna lie, this event was particularly nerve-racking for us, as it was our first time doing two seatings in one night - with the first seating at 5:30 and the second at 8pm. We’re pleased to report that there were no major catastrophes! It wasn’t perfect, as the time constraints made the first seating feel a bit rushed towards the end, but it was an incredible learning experience, and the feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Phew! Chef John Poiarkoff is to thank for that, as he was a fantastic host who is basically a walking food encyclopedia. We particularly enjoyed listening to him talk about all of the different breeds of pigs and how they differ from a cooking/eating perspective. The food was also very well received, and below are the top 3 courses from both seatings combined as rated by attendees on their feedback cards: 

1st Place: Pennsylvania Pork Belly - with spring onions, peanuts, and maple 

2nd Place: Slow-Cooked Montauk Monkfish - with romesco and herbs

3rd Place: Spiced Bread Pudding - with over-wintered parsnip, crème chantilly, and rhubarb jam


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