Japanese Meets Vietnamese Collabo Dinner Series

New York - August 21st & 22nd at Bessou & Hanoi House

Well, it's safe to say that our first-ever restaurant collaboration series was a BIG success and we're incredibly excited for many more! This was the first time that Emily Yuen (Exec Chef @ Bessou) and John Nguyen (Exec Chef @ Hanoi House) had ever worked together, but if you didn't know that you would have assumed they'd been cooking together for years. Not only was the food delicious across the board at both events, but the chefs genuinely seemed to have a blast collaborating and learning from each other, and that excitement could be felt throughout both events. We certainly can't expect every future restaurant collaboration series we do to go this swimmingly, but there is no doubt in our minds that this was the beginning of something big for the community and we can't wait to build on the success of this first series. The big question now is, what should our next collaboration be? Oh, we almost forgot... Below are the top 3 courses of each event as rated by attendees on their feedback cards. Don't expect to be able to order them at when you go to the restaurants though, as all of these dishes were truly one-of-a-kind!


DAY 1 @ Bessou

1st Place: Pork Chashuu Udon Bun Cha - braised pork loin with silky inaniwa udon noodles and sesame dipping sauce

2nd Place: Corn Porridge - with snails and nori dust

3rd Place: Grilled Smelt - with soy pickled quail eggs and shiso garlic sauce


DAY 2 @ Hanoi House

1st Place: Salmon Sashimi Banh Xeo - with creme fresh, salmon roe, green papaya, and vietnamese herb

2nd Place: Cha Ca Cod - hanoi-style white fish with red miso, charred onion, dill, and peanuts

3rd Place: Cockles Canh Chua - tamarind sweet & sour soup with japanese vegetables and vietnamese herb


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