Nouveau Nordic Dinner Event

New York - March 8th at N'eat

Wow! To put it simply, we were completely blown away by this place… Chef Yelena Del Mundo and her team are doing incredibly special things in this tiny kitchen (with all-electric appliances btw), and it really felt like we stumbled upon a secret treasure. In terms of the narrative, we particularly enjoyed learning about Chef Yelena’s upbringing in the Phillipines and how she manages to incorporate her culture into her cooking. A lot of attendees were curious about how a Filipino Chef with french culinary training ended up as executive chef at a Nordic restaurant, and Chef Yelena explained it to us in our Q & A during dessert. She really appreciates the way that she is able to cook creatively with Nordic cuisine as well as it’s emphasis on simplicity and fresh ingredients. All of the courses were extremely well received at this event, but, below are the top 3 courses of the event as rated by attendees on their tasting notes. GO CHECK THIS PLACE OUT ASAP! 

1st Place: Buckwheat Toast - with crimini mushrooms and aged cabot clothbound cheddar 

2nd Place: Roasted Monkfish - with citrus and red miso 

3rd Place: Salt Pork Potato Pancake - with pear marmalade and crème fraîche


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