Singaporean Hawker Dinner Event

New York - September 11th at Chomp Chomp

Our last trip to Chomp Chomp was almost 2 years ago - back when Tasting Collective was just a fun hobby for us! We figured it was time for another event, as we had completely forgotten what Singaporean Hawker Food is all about. Well, we're pleased to report that Chef Simpson Wong and the whole team at Chomp Chomp are still killing it! Chef Wong put together an incredibly ambitious 10-Course Menu that featured a mix of his restaurant staples (Hainanese Chicken, Asam Fish, Pasembur) and some new dishes he wanted feedback on (Murtabak, Chili Crab Dip, Lo See Fun). And, he came out of the kitchen to share the story of his life journey from growing up as a kid in the jungles of Malaysia cooking meals for employees of his father's lumber company, to owning multiple restaurants in NYC. Below are the top 3 courses of the feast as rated by attendees on their tasting notes: 

1st Place: Asam Fish - hake, okra, and tomatoes cooked in spicy tamarind sauce 

2nd Place: Lo See Fun - pork and shiitake ragu with rice noodles and egg cooked in a clay pot

3rd Place: Chili Crab Dip - with lump crab meat, chili sauce, and mantou


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