Globally-Inspired Dinner Series

New York - June 5th & 6th at Traif

Members often ask us what our favorite restaurants are, and Traif is always on the list. Now some of you know why - 140 of you to be exact! The reason we find this restaurant to be so magical has to do with a lot more than the food, which is without a doubt incredible btw. It's about the atmosphere and the complete lack of pretentiousness with which Chef Jason Marcus operates - even though he has every reason to have an enormous ego. After all, he did spend years working in the kitchens at Eleven Madison Park and Le Bernardin, and he's been running Traif successfully for over 7 years now. We were reminded of Chef Marcus's humble nature right from the moment we kicked off Day 1 of this 2 Day Takeover. During our introduction for attendees, we introduced him as Chef Marcus and he immediately cut in and said "please, call me Jason." This warmth and approachableness seeps into every aspect of the dining experience at Traif and it's one of the things we love most about this place. Obviously, the food is the other part of the experience we're obsessed with, and below are the top 3 courses of each event as rated by attendees on their feedback cards:



1st Place: Desserts - warm sugar maple pie and toasted pistachio budino

2nd Place: Seared Scallops & Risotto - with snap pea risotto, shallot, and lemon-caper brown butter

3rd Place: Cured Fluke Sashimi - with pickled green tomatoes, cucumber, lime radish, and wasabi



1st Place: Desserts - warm sugar maple pie and toasted pistachio budino

2nd Place: Smoked Lamb Puttanesca Cavatelli - with tomatoes, saffron, olives, and mint

3rd Place: Roasted Rainbow Carrots - with black jewel grapes, green goddess yogurt, dukkah, and feta


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