Basque Inspired Brunch Event

New York - March 25th at Huertas

We kept the “brunch at restaurants that don’t serve brunch” train rolling at this event, and man are we glad we did! This was not our firt visit to Huertas - in fact, it was our 3rd event together - but, it was our first brunch event with them. It definitely won’t be our last though. Chef Jonah Miller started off the feast by telling us all about how well suited Basque cuisine is for brunch, and then he proceeded to spend the next few hours backing up that claim with one delicious course after another. Food aside, we found Chef Miller to be incredibly well spoken as always. We particularly enjoyed our Chef Q&A during dessert, where Chef Miller told us all about how Basque cuisine differs from that of Spain’s other regions. Now, on to the top 3 courses of the event as rated by attendees on their feedback cards: 

1st Place: Citrus and Cream Torrijas - spanish style french toast 

2nd Place: Smoked Pork Fat Potatoes - with smoked garlic aioli 

3rd Place: Octopus and Shishito Pepper Skewers


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