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New York - June 14th at Nomadic Chef Series: Act 1

This event was full of firsts for us. It was the first time we featured Brazilian cuisine at an event, and it was the first time we brought our own chef into a restaurant with us to put on the show (unaffiliated with the restaurant we were at). Typically, the hosts are the executive chefs at the restaurants we're having the events at. The whole purpose of the Nomadic Chef Series, however, is to give amazing chefs who don't have their own restaurants an opportunity to put on a show and share their stories. We're pleased to report that Act 1 of this series was magical! For starters, the weather was perfection so we decided to seat everyone in Gristmill's charming backyard. More importantly, Chef Vinicius Campos put together a truly delicious and beautifully presented meal. And, he shared countless stories about with us about his inspiration for each dish. Below are the top 3 courses of the feast as rated by attendees on their tasting notes: 

1st Place: Sea Trout "Marinado" - with spicy mango, celery oil, salted pineapple, and shiso 

2nd Place: Bavette Steak "Acebolada" - with pinto beans, charred onions, jasmine rice, wilted greens, and toasted yucca flour

3rd Place: Queijo Assado - mozzarella curd with guava


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